Dr. Jack Bayramyan Bio

The founder of Kids Dental Place, Dr. Jack Bayramyan, kindly known as “Dr. Jack”,
wears many hats. To his family, he is a spiritual, devoted and fun-loving husband and father to
his wife and two children, and at the office, he is known as a kind, thoughtful, generous and
inspiring leader. He leads his life and his practice with the kind of dedication that stands out to
patients and practitioners alike, with a bedside manner and charisma that is comforting and
genuine. Dr. Jack Bayramyan truly cares about his patients and staff, and it is his generosity and
willingness to go above and beyond for his team that have allowed him to create a legacy
practice dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve. His road to success exemplifies
that no matter where we come from, anyone can create the life they want. With enough passion
and determination to succeed, Dr. Jack’s story shows us the honest possibility for one to attain
the American Dream.

In 1987, Dr. Jack Bayramyan immigrated to the United States from Armenia. After
arriving in the U.S., Dr. Jack was twelve years old when he had his first trip to the dentist. Fluent
in Armenian and Russian, English became Dr. Jack’s third language. He grew up with his parents
and sister in the city of Glendale, which would later become home to the location of his first
practice. During his teenage years, Dr. Jack’s dentist who ultimately had a huge impact on his
decision to go to dental school fascinated him. He admired the way in which he worked with his
hands, and worked with people to make a difference. Although they didn’t have much money, Dr.
Jack’s parents instilled in him the values of a solid work ethic, service, and gratitude encouraging
him to take advantage of all the wonderful new opportunities this country had to offer.

In order to fulfill his wish of making his parents proud and ultimately make a difference
in the lives of underprivileged children, Dr. Jack attended dental school at the University of
Southern California and graduated with honors in 2003 with his wife and newborn daughter in
his arms. Throughout dental school, Jack was very involved with working with children. He
volunteered with the Ayuda Organization in which they would go out once a month and work in
different communities in Los Angeles with children who had no access to dental care. Over
spring breaks, he joined mission trips overseas educating and providing dental care to children in
underserved communities in Mexico, Belize, and Armenia. The experience he gained through his
volunteer work helping children as a dental student strengthened his passion to work with
children and help communities in need. He discovered his passion for working with children was
his life’s purpose and saw pediatric dentistry as a means for him to work in medicine and work
with people to make a difference.

After graduating dental school, within three months, Dr. Jack got to work with children
again at a practice in Glendale, but ultimately he wished to have a practice of his own. Three
months later, he saw the opportunity to make this dream into a reality. It was very difficult at first
for Dr. Jack to gain access to the necessary loans he needed to purchase the practice. Many banks
rejected his request because at the time, the minimum requirement to be qualified for a loan was
a person had to be at least two years out of dental school. Finally, with enough patience and
persistence, Dr. Jack was able to convince Wells Fargo to extend him the loan and is a proud
customer of the bank to this day. In the run-down, dirty and shackled practice, Dr. Jack saw hope
and had a strong vision for change and a place for transformation and renovation. In 2004, after
investing in the property and transforming it into the safe, clean, and comfortable office space it
is today, Kids Dental Place was born. Dr. Jack made it his mission to reach out to the community
and provide superior dental care to the children in need. The community quickly felt their
presence, and the practice grew extraordinarily.

Two years later, in 2006, Dr. Jack saw the opportunity to expand the practice and decided
it was time to take Kids Dental Place to other communities in need. The second location of Kids
Dental Place opened in Los Angeles and it was the first location Dr. Jack was able to build from
scratch. Down the street from his alma mater, he was familiar with the area because he had
passed the street of the location many times while he was studying at USC and recalls thinking
how unique it felt in a way that made him feel he was outside of L.A. He scooped the area for
two weeks and was unable to find a space that would be large enough. Dr. Jack prayed that
something would come up in this area that had a community he deeply desired to serve.
Coincidentally, his prayers were answered when a space opened up from where a small church
was relocating. This ironically former holy space transformed into the second location of Kids
Dental Place.

After the unprecedented success of these first two locations, Dr. Jack persisted in his
quest to continue to expand Kids Dental Place to other communities in need. His passion and
determination persisted and one by one Kids Dental Place continued to grow. In 2007, the third
location opened in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2009, the fourth and fifth locations opened in Van Nuys,
CA, and Glendale, AZ, and in 2010, the sixth location opened in Mesa, AZ. Finally, in 2011, the
seventh location opened in Huntington Park, CA. Dr. Jack has recently announced plans to open
a brand new location in East Los Angeles that will be the biggest and most innovative Kids
Dental Place office yet.

Dr. Jack is very much involved in giving back to the community and committed to
sharing the success and growth of Kids Dental Place with his team and the communities they
serve. In 2014, Kids Dental Place partnered with the Colgate Foundation and participated in
Dentistry From the Heart, a community event where Dr. Jack and his staff provided free
comprehensive dental care to 82 children. Another way in which Kids Dental Place has been able
to give back is through launching their Oral Hygiene Campaign in local schools where the team
provides free screenings, oral hygiene instructions, and works with parents to designate oral
hygiene ambassadors to promote the benefits of preventive dentistry to the PTA and community.

Preventive dentistry is the cornerstone of Dr. Jack’s practice philosophy.

“I have a vision, I tell this to my team, I tell this to my staff. I want to captivate the kids.
As long as they know we’re here, they need to come to our practice and understand what they
need to do to take care of their teeth. If we do our job right, by the time these kids have
permanent teeth, they should never ever get a cavity in their life… That’s a vision that I hold
dearly–prevention, preventive dentistry. Education is a big part of what we practice. I believe it
is the only way to make a difference, and we are making a difference because we can track it,
and it’s amazing.” –Dr. Jack Bayramyan

Dr. Jack’s passion and mission in life has always been and still remains his ability to help
serve the children in need. “The children we’re serving—they didn’t have a choice, they were
born into these communities. What difference does it make? A child is a child, and they are born
without a choice. And if I have anything to do about it, I’m going to make sure I can provide the
best access to the kids that do not have a choice. I was that same child: my parents didn’t know
about preventive dentistry, they didn’t have access to it. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was
fortunate to have access with the government program through Medicaid. If access is there, we
must preserve it, protect it from being abused, and we can make it better.” –Dr. Jack Bayramyan

Coming from an immigrant family, Dr. Jack understands and can relate to many of his
patients who remind him of himself as a child. Many of the patients he serves come from similar
backgrounds and families who struggle with the English language and adapting to American
culture. His empathy is a result of his personal experiences and his heart is deeply connected to
everything he does in his work. Through love, dedication, communication, and passion, Dr. Jack
plans to continue expanding the message of his practice, the soul of Kids Dental Place, and
ultimately within the next ten years will dedicate his mission to providing access to quality
dental care to 100,000 high-risk underprivileged patients, provide employment opportunities to
400 new employees, distribute $1,000,000 of bonuses back to his team, and ultimately give back
$1,000,000 of free dentistry to the communities Kids Dental Place serves.

Dr. Jack’s main focus presently is developing, organizing, and preserving the culture of
Kids Dental Place. “One of my personal goals in the future is to only practice dentistry on a
volunteer basis by creating and growing the foundation of Kids Dental Place with the mission to
save smiles.”

By continuing to give back to the communities, Dr. Jack leads a revolution in preventive
dentistry as he aggressively continues to save smiles every day.

“Giving back to our communities is not simply something to say, it is something I live by
because it always comes back. It is never work. I wake up every day and I’m excited to get my
day started, and when I sleep, I know tomorrow is going to be an even better day.” — Dr. Jack

After coming to America many years ago, Dr. Jack never would have believed that
someday he would achieve the renowned success of where he is today or that he would help as
many children as he has who are in the same place in their lives as Dr. Jack was when he was a
little boy with fear and dreams of the future. Dr. Jack’s role as an educator in preventive dentistry
will surely have a long-lasting impact on his staff and his patients now and for years to come.