We only engage in win-win relationships with all of our business support partners, from our vendors to our lenders. We respect all of our strategic partners, and work closely

together to find opportunities to create greater value in our marketplace and support mutual growth and benefit to all.


I cannot WAIT to wake up and get my day started, because I know my work is making a huge positive impact in many people’s lives. I am surrounded by an extraordinary group of people who are aligned with my mission, values, vision, and purpose. I continually challenge myself to grow so that I can challenge my team to grow. Not only am I making a difference in our patients’ lives, but also in my team’s as well. I am coached at the highest level possible. Remarkable human beings are always challenging me to see past my own limiting beliefs, allowing me to grow into my highest self. I bring what I learn to my team so that we can grow together. I am fulfilling my deepest purpose of giving back to children who share my story. Every day I show them that if I can break through the barrier, so can they.