It’s December 31, 2020, and the past 3 years have been filled with enormous growth. We have saved thousands of smiles through our deep burning “why” to be a positive catalyst in the world not only locally, but globally. Everyone who works for our company is in alignment with our core values, our vision, and our mission to save smiles. We all feel a deep sense of responsibility to give back, and we’re fulfilling that through our work here. For both our employees and our patients… we are so much more than a dental practice.

1 Passionately
Serve From
The Heart

2 Deliver
Wow” Service

3 Be Honest,
Transparent & Clear
In Every Transaction

4 Build A Harmoni-
Positive, And
Fun Team Spirit

5 Embrace
Change And
Drive Innovation

6 Pursue Growth &
Develop God-Given

7 Be Generous
And Pay It

8 Lead With Love,
Compassion, And

9 Apply The Golden
Rule In Every

10 Deliver
Smiles Every


We are known as the absolute BEST place to work. We attract the TOP talent in our field and have a waitlist for an opportunity to join our team.

We only work with people who are open to personal growth and development. They are coachable, love giving back, and align with our core values.

Our environment offers coaching and mentorship

on leadership development, personal growth and development, financial freedom, and work life harmony, so our employees can take what they learn into their relationships outside of work and thrive in every area of their life… not just the workplace.

We have fun yearly retreats, staff appreciation events, and an annual gala for the entire company to celebrate our TEAM and their amazing accomplishments.


Our team has expanded to include over 200 incredible team members and 40 talented associate doctors.

Everyone who works with us is in complete alignment with our vision and mission. They are independent, innovative leaders who have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and across every department.

Each office works in harmony, and team members often have relationships with each other outside of work. Positivity and fun can be felt as soon as you walk through the doors.

Our team enjoys comprehensive profit sharing, benefits and rewards, recognition, training, and educational opportunities.


We have a separate Practice Success Institute for doctors who are participating in our coaching  program. The curriculum is comprised of the latest clinical education in pediatric dentistry and  orthodontics taught by the leading clinical instructors in the nation.

Our coaching program also consists of leadership development, financial freedom,

business management, and personal growth. The coaches are the foremost thought leaders in their respected industries.

Over the past three years, we developed our Associate Partnership Programs and offer various levels of partnership, depending on the associate’s  lifestyle goals. Our goal with this program is to help fulfill the wants, needs, and desires of our doctors.


Our Practice Family consists of Kids Dental Place and Teens Dental Place And Orthodontics. Combined, we have 250,000 active patients in preventative care at any one moment.

In our Kids Dental Place offices, we are geared towards preventive care. We have done such an amazing job at educating our patients and their  parents, that 90% are in active preventive care. Their checkups are focused on education, empowerment, disease prevention, and health promotion.

Our goal is to create a non-threatening environment that is full of love and support. Our team forms relationships with our patients so they truly ENJOY coming to their dental home.

A large part of making this possible is engaging and educating parents. When parents experience their children’s excitement to

visit our offices, witness the benefits of dental care, and endure less resistance to nightly tooth rushing, they are more likely to acknowledge the importance, and engage in the improvement, of their children’s dental health.

Once patients turn 12, they graduate to one of our Teens Dental Place And Orthodontics offices. Here, we focus on creating a smile that gives them confidence, improves their relationships, and  makes them feel empowered. We help these teens take responsibility for their dental care, and realize it’s up to THEM to go out and make it happen.

One of our favorite ways to support our patients is to sponsor their dreams for higher education. We offer college scholarships to patients who otherwise might not have the opportunity to attend.


We have 25 dental practices located throughout the greater Los Angeles Area and Southern California. They are a combination of kids, teens, and orthodontics.

We have the highest patient satisfaction scores and reviews in our communities. We take pride in wowing our patients, and our patients know and trust that we are the best option for their dental home.

Our practices serve communities that are underprivileged, impoverished, isolated, and have very little access to quality dental care. The people we serve live in a bubble of desolation. They need  motivation, education, support, and inspiration.

They need to get outside of their bubble to see that there is a better way to live. Through our dental practices, we create a place of support for our patients to do just this. To our kids and teens (and ultimately their families), we are so much more than a dental practice, we are positive catalysts in their life.

We give 1% of total revenue to our local and global Mission To Save Smiles campaign. In addition to our local programs, we have 10 active mission programs outside of the U.S. Many communities around the world don’t have the opportunity to save their smiles through dental care. We’re here to show them that there are people out there who care about them.


Over the past three years, we have taken a leadership role in being advocates for underprivileged children. We want to ensure that children on Denti-Cal are truly GETTING the dental care they need.

We’ve created a better system to maximize patient care while reducing costs and abuse within the system.

We are now the leading pediatric practice providing access to Denti-Cal care. Additionally, we have the highest prevention percentage nationwide.

This achievement is benchmarked through national statistics. We are recognized in the media as a leader and a model in the nation for what we do to help underprivileged children thrive.


We have a completely patient-centric business model. Due to our centralized Practice Management Support facility, there are zero administrative tasks within each office.

We are a results-oriented organization.

Through individual and company dashboards, we can visually SEE what’s happening with the data and numbers within each office in real-time. This allows us to measure our success and have the ability to make strategic decisions on a minute-by-minute basis.


We utilize education-based marketing. Our goal is to leave patients better off after every marketing  interaction, even if they don’t choose us as their dental home.

It is our duty, obligation, and responsibility to get the maximum amount of exposure to educate our patients. Our patients are our biggest advocates. 70% of new patients come from word of mouth

referrals. Parents are relieved that their children are finally getting the care they need in a fun, supportive environment, so they “spread the word.”

We have an active and engaged digital audience. Powered by our cutting-edge, interactive website, custom apps for education and communication, automated marketing, and database management platform, our online presence is consistently growing.


We only engage in win-win relationships with all of our business support partners, from our vendors to our lenders. We respect all of our strategic partners, and work closely

together to find opportunities to create greater value in our marketplace and support mutual growth and benefit to all.


I cannot WAIT to wake up and get my day started, because I know my work is making a huge positive impact in many people’s lives.

I am surrounded by an extraordinary group of people who are aligned with my mission, values, vision, and purpose. I continually challenge myself to grow so that I can challenge my team to grow. Not only am I making a difference in our patients’ lives, but also in my team’s as well.

I am coached at the highest level possible. Remarkable human beings are always  challenging me to see past my own limiting beliefs, allowing me to grow into my highest self. I bring what I learn to my team so that we can grow together.

I am fulfilling my deepest purpose of giving back to children who share my story. Every day I show them that if I can break through the barrier, so can they.